Valley Sunset District

Valley Sunset District

District Officers 2016-18:
President:  Constance Stahl (Member-at-Large)

Vice President: Cherrl Lou Jacobsen (Conejo Valley)

Treasurer: Margaret Prickett (Burbank BPW)

Recording Secretary: Sandy Sanders (Member-at-Large)

Parliamentarian: Sandy Thompson (Burbank BPW)

President’s theme: Stronger Together


Women of Achievement: Cherrl-Lou Jacobson

First Timers: Marjory Hopper

CFBPW, NFBPWC, BPW-International: Sandy Thompson

Finance: Kathy Holland

Membership: Annie-Marie Johnson and Lynn Brandstater

By-Laws: Denise Luckhurst

Registration: Margaret Prickett

Val-Sun (Newsletter): Denise Luckhurst

Website: Anne-Marie Johnson and Denise Luckhurst

Legislation/Public Policy: Lydia Steadman

Individual Development: Connie Stahl

Public Relations: Marjory Hopper

Children of the Night Project: Ad Hoc

Valley Sunset members presenting kits to Children of the Night on Thursday, September 7th – see above and below.

Saturday, September 16, 2017 Fall Conference (Conejo Valley BPW hosts)
Coordinator: Cherrl-Lou Jacobson
State Representative: Lynn Brandstater
Women of Achievement
LOCATION: Thousand Oaks Elk’s Lodge, 158 Conejo School Road, Thousand Oaks, CA 91362
Luncheon program was “Women of Achievement.”

From Burbank, Attorney Diane Reyes was honored. Diane has been advocating for the rights of children for several years. Currently, she is a Juvenile Court Referee, presiding over Delinquency and Dependency cases centered around at-risk youth.

From Conejo Valley, Helen Follmer was honored. Helen does home building volunteer work and helps seniors in the county. When you buy spray oils in aerosol cans, Helen probably did the private labels for those many types of oils from butter to olive to coconut and many others.

Diane Reyes, Valley Sunset President Connie Stahl and Helen Follmer

Valley Sunset Women of Achievement News Release

After lunch, Valley Sunset District heard from Cynthia Perry, Music Therapist and Heartmath Coach and Victoria Sonstegard, Ph. D., Art Media and Feminism. They teach a class on the three waves of feminism and the upcoming 4th wave at Cal State University, Channel Islands.
After the break, Rosemary Enzer led a group discussion based on President Connie’s theme of “Remember, Reflect, Renew” and how this theme applies to the future of Valley Sunset District. ¬†Members were asked to share their ideas and to prioritize their goals for 2017-2018.

For more information contact Cherrl-Lou at

Saturday, January 20, 2018 Joint Winter Conference with Sierra Mar District 9:00 A.M.-3:30 P.M. at Ramada Inn, 1089 S. Santa Anita Avenue, South El Monte, CA 91733
CO-CORDINATORS: Marjory Hopper, Sally McMahon and Marie Clifton
STATE REPRESENTATIVE: CFBPW President Katherine Winans
In the morning there will be a presentation on the BPW International Congress, which was in October in Cairo, Egypt. The luncheon speaker is Elana Pianko-Ginsburg, President of the Los Angeles Council of the National Women’s History Museum and a member of the National Board. She also sits on the Board for Earth Protect, is a member of the National Organization of Women Business Owners and is a member of Step Up Women Network. Prior to joining the financial community, she produced several feature films and earned career honors. She will be talking on the future of the National Women’s History Museum in Washington D.C.Sierra Mar/Valley Sunset Joint Winter Conference Tentative Agenda January 2018Sierra Mar/Valley Sunset Winter Conference 2018 Registration Form
Saturday, April 28, 2018 Annual Conference
Coordinators: Rosemary Enzer, Cherrl-Lou Jacobson, Jackie Melvin, Mary Lou Wetter
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