California Federation of Business and Professional Women

The Mission of the CFBPW shall be to promote and support equity for working women in all phases of their lives and to promote personal empowerment and professional development.


Greetings CFBPW members.

Your Board of Directors has been busy and the enthusiasm is growing in the Districts and their  Clubs and individual members.  CFBPW is starting its 98th year and while it may seem like we’re starting over we are really carrying the long tradition of advocating for working women into a new era.  So much has happened since last November’s election and the riding the feminist wave years have come to a screeching halt. CFBPW’s long history and experience with serving as the voice of working women is more important now than it has been in a generation or more.  We cannot give up on our mission.

With that in mind, realize it will take all of us who love this organization working together to get the work done…supporting equality for working women.  Each of us must commit to doing a little something to secure equality for California’s working women.

The information below is important.  Please read and share it.

Together we can do this!

Club Treasurers please send your 2017-18 dues to Treasurer Elaine as soon as possible.

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CFBPW Membership Brochure template is available on the website for downloading and printing.

Potential member contact information:  Membership & Marketing Chair Bessie Hironimus would like to receive business cards or names and email addresses from everyone you speak to about BPW.  The M/M Team will do all the follow up.  By Fall Board the M/M Team should have a short membership recruitment PowerPoint presentation, which can also be used to inspire club members, ready for use.

If you’re not getting the quarterly Ms. Magazine please notify Treasurer Elaine Wakeham ( to ensure we have your correct mailing address.

We have Postcards (hope you have some) available for many uses:

·         – Encourage legislators to support or oppose legislation as per our Screening Committee.

·         – Thank legislators for supporting or opposing legislation as per our Screening Committee.

·         – Invite women to a meeting.

·         – Thank City and County officials for doing something to benefit local women.

·         – Congratulations on special appointments – women or men.

·         – Congratulate business women on opening a new business.

·         – Congratulate a young woman on her appointment to West Point/Annapolis…

·         – Congratulate a young woman for any honor.

·         Be creative!

There is a box full of them and this officer will be happy to send you more if you need them.  Or better yet, pick some up at Fall Board.

Fall Board of Directors Meeting – Saturday-Sunday August 26-27, Ontario Airport Hotel

Winter Board & Public Policy Conference – February 23, 24, 25, 2018, Sacramento

Annual Conference – We’re working on something different…save the date – May 18, 19, 20, 2018


Katherine Winans
President, CFBPW




At May’s CFBPW Annual Conference I gave an update on the Equal Rights Amendment now that Nevada has ratified it and what CFBPW members can do to finally get it ratified. Remember the Equal Rights Amendment is number one on our Public Policy Statement.

We need to remove the deadline for ratification of ERA in Congress. HJ Res. 53 Speier (CA-D) and SJ Res.5 Cardin (MD-D) would do that. HJ Res 53 has 156 co-sponsors (all Democrats). This is an increase of twelve since Nevada ratified the ERA. More co-sponsors would help to get the bill passed. The Democrats support ERA in their platform. The Republicans do not support the ERA and have not since Ronald Reagan was President. Just because your Congressmember is Republican does not mean that you should not contact him or her to co-sponsor the ERA. Those with no indication of party are Republicans. It would be great to have some Republican co-sponsors. Following are the California Congressmembers, who are not a co-sponsor of the bill. If you live in the following California Districts, contact your Congressmember  to co-sponsor  this bill to extend the deadline to ratify the ERA – 1st District Doug LaMalfa; 4th District Tom McClintock; 7th District Ami Bera (who is a Democrat); 8th District Paul Cook; 10th District Jeff Denham; 12th District Nancy Peloski (who is a Democrat); 16th District Jim Costa (who is a Democrat); 19th District Zoe Lofgren (who is a Democrat); 20th District Jimmy Panetta (who is a Democrat); 25th District Steve Knight; 31st District Pete Aguilar (who is a Democrat); 37th District Karen Bass (who is a Democrat); 39th District Ed Royce; 42nd District Ken Calvert; 43rd District Maxine Waters (who is a Democrat); 45th District Mimi Walters; 46th District Luis Correa (who is a Democrat); 48th District Dana Rohrabacher; 49th District  Darrell Issa; 50th District Duncan Hunter. The 34th Congressional District, depending upon June 7th election. This bill is in the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Constitution and Civil Justice.

The comparable Senate Bill SJ Res 5 has 30 co-sponsors (one Independent and the rest are Democrats).  Both California Senators are co-sponsors. This bill is in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Let’s work on ratifying the ERA before 2020 when the NFBPWC is hosting the BPW International Congress in Orlando, Florida. This is Liz Benham, our National President’s goal.